FogDev Case Studies

NOTE: The below studies are samples taken from our databases, we have not specifically targeted the best/worst performers from our library of titles. Over time further case studies will be generated and displayed for public viewing.

The best performing game though in our system has been Air Traffic Chief, with an average eCPM of $1+ consistently

Truck Loader

Genre: Physics, Puzzle, Driving
Advance Paid: YES
Data collated from first 45 days
The API for Truck Loader was implemented before the full documents for the API were even completely published. As it was sponsored solely for the purpose of trialing our Game Author Payment Program we ended up releasing the game in a hurry, not realising a major flaw in the API which till this day means the game is only earning 35-40% of its actual potential. A deposit was paid on this game.

Twilight BMX

Genre: Sports, Bikes, Sci-Fi
Advance Paid: NO
Data collated from first 45 days
By the time this game had the API implemented, the system was fully working and it was just a case of seeing how a Bike/Sports/Sci-fi type game would perform on our system.
This round the game was double checked by 4 team members to ensure the same does not happen as with Truck Loader

Army Training

Genre: Shooting, Action, Aiming
Advance Paid: NO
Data collated from first 37 days
Our first Flash Develop game released under the Game Author Payment Program.
One of our developers who implemented the API into the game say "It took more no more than 5 minutes to do it, though adding some of the custom branding elements did take up to an hour"

*45 days of data was not available at the time of publishing this document.