Advanced Payment Disclaimer
Our FOGDev system allows you to earn money from your games, no matter the age of the title*, the more plays it receives the greater your potential pay out could be.
For those looking for a little extra revenue, games that tick our boxes when we search for content could be applicable for an advance payment, in which we will pay a lump sum to the developer for the game in addition to receiving revenue payments from the API. However you would not be generating revenue until the game reaches our initial advance payment amount. After this target has been reached then anything over this amount will be yours.
Games which are applicable for the "advance payment" must be free from all third party branding, links etc. But non-clickable developer credits are perfectly acceptable. Those who do not wish to participate with this request may still implement the API but remain on generated revenue payments only. Remember, that any developer may implement the API, you may even implement this along side another revenue generating API if you so wish, thatís not a problem so feel free to give us a try.
*FOG Dev API only supports as3