Maximising Your Income
This page was specifically designed to help you maximise the income/return from each game you release. Spending 10 minutes reading through our guidelines and an additional 30-60 minutes implementing them can be the difference to make up to 100% more from the same game. This in many cases can accumulate to thousands of dollars. So those 30-60 minutes could easily mean that you got paid thousands for just that one moments extra work. So close every other distraction and pay full attention to what’s being said below.
Section 1: The Title Screen
Title Screen
  • The "Play More Games" or "Play Other Games" link/button. Leading to either FOG.COM homepage or using the API you can land the users or pre-selected sub-pages of FOG.COM. For example, if the main element of your game is shooting, it would be better to land all your users on the Shooting Games section of FOG.COM. The more instances of this game, the higher your overall income will be. But please do remember not to hinder user experience or game play when placing links back to FOG.
  • The "Add This Game To Your Website" link/button should be implemented where-ever possibly, though not as important as the buttons leading to FOG.COM itself. This button should have at-least the one appearance somewhere in the game. As it helps greatly to promote you game and maximise game plays. gets over 50,000 visitors a day and until now, this massive resource was previously only available to FOG.COM's own games.
Section 2: Game Paused & Game Over
Title Screen
Title Screen
Many people under estimate or ignore the importance of these lucrative spaces to game players, below are some tips on how one can achieve easily up to an ADDITIONAL 30% INCOME from these areas.
  • Remember to include the all important "Play More/Other Games" button, leading to FOG.COM
  • The link that leads to housing your games very own distribution page.
  • Suggested Games, a small nifty resource allowing you to suggest to the game player similar or popular games that they can also play. This is included in all API's distributed by us and can be very easily customised to look good in any game.
Section 2: Additional Opportunities
  • The small FOG logo
  • Title Screen
  • Other placements of FOG'S logo inside games (You'll be surprised how many curious people will click these placements).
Title Screen
Title Screen