With the FOG Dev API you can make money from your games quickly and easily, without the hassle of in-game adverts.
  • Ad-free API - All that runs is the FOG preloader.
  • Pays more than ad-based solutions - Our case studies prove it!
  • Keeps your games clean - The quicker a user gets into a game, the more likely he will keep playing that game and stay on the site to play others.
  • No inter-level ads - An advert after each level annoys your players and spoils immersion.
  • Works alongside other APIs - Run FOGDEV alongside Mochi Ads or others.
  • Old and new games welcome - Generate extra revenue from your back catalogue as well as your latest titles.
  • Anti-script blocking technology - Don't let site that block scripts leech your revenue!
Up to $1000 up front*
* Learn More About Advanced Payments