What are the benefits of putting the FOGDEV API into my games?

Surely the most important piece of criteria when making your game is, How can I maximise my revenue from my game? Well our API allows you to achieve this goal, utilising our mathematical algorithms we’re able to generate a revenue stream which is highly competitive with other market products and should provide you, the developer, with that all important cash boost.

Who can join the FOGDEV.COM program?

Anyone developer may implement our API into their games, though we do have a few guidelines that could impact your possible generated income.

Can I use this along side other API’s such as Mochi or CPMStar?

Yes, feel free to add this in along with the other API’s, just bear in mind the impact to your audience though, are they really going to sit there and wait for advert enabled API’s to play your game?

Can I qualify for the $1000 Advance Payment?

If your game passes our stringent quality checks which are set in place by our team then yes your game may qualify for upto $1000. If you’re one of the lucky ones then we would have some terms to talk over with you on an individual basis.

How much can I make?

Your earnings depend on the number of game plays the games get whilst on your website. The more game plays you generate the higher your income will be. FOGDEV.COM provides full breakdown of your income per game in the members area. So it’s in your best interest to get as much exposure on your game as possible.

Where are the Ads?

Well there are none, yup you heard it right, there are NO-ADS in the API we offer. We don’t believe in making the user sit through an annoying advert for the latest kitchen cleansing product or blockbuster DVD from Hollywood. We feel that the sooner a player enters the game then the longer he/she is likely to remain playing the game along with staying on the site.

What about sites that block click throughs, won’t they affect my revenue stream?

Another prominent drive behind the creation of FOGDev is dealing with the way sites show our games. An astonishing number of sites out there disable click-throughs, which of course are what earn developers money. Our most unique feature however, is that we are the first in the industry to implement an anti-outgoing link blocking system, which prevents games on sites that prevent clickthroughs from being playable. Keep in mind, that approximately 60% of Flash portals out there block outgoing links, which greatly hinders the ability for others to make money from their creations. It is also a very easy problem to overlook if only the more prominent sites are considered. Your games will be played on hundreds of sites, of different languages and varying levels of obscurity. Most of these sites you wont even be aware of (due to barriers such as language, etc), and that is just what many of these sites are thriving upon. If many such sites are able to gain income from developers efforts, then why cant the developer? It is just plain unfair, and especially crippling for those who create games as a primary source of income. Our system disables the ability for such games to be played on sites that disable click-throughs, and that means they dont benefit from your efforts. This might at first glance seem irrelevant, but is part of a larger movement, explained in detail at www.FreeOurGames.com, as what will hopefully an opportunity to force the hand of such sites towards offering mutual benefits between site masters and game developers.

(And if they decompile the game, then your service is not worth it?)

Decompiling is a seperate issue, we encourage everyone to encrypt their games before releasing, but this will discourage only those not wise enough yet to bi-pass encryption. Unfortunately like every technological based security system those in the know or with the will, will eventually get past it. We too are victims of this, but worry not, we have a wonderful solution coming for this too. More offline than Online but will work

You stated that 60% of sites block scripts, how did you calculate this?

The 60% figure we got by adding our FOGDev tracking system into a few games and letting them spread. Over the next 3 weeks we continued to monitor the hosts and relative ctr from games, visiting each site and there after coming to the 60% figure. I would also like to clarify that 60% of the hosts can also be taken as 60% of the game plays. Majority of these sites we also found to be non-english sites.

So how do you fund the developer payouts?

Funding has been secured from deep pocketed venture capital/investment funds & FOG.COMs own marketing budget etc.

What payment methods are available?

Current payment methods available are: Checks, PayPal & Wire Transfers.

When will I get paid?

Payments will be sent out 45 days after the end of the month in which your earnings reach and/or exceed $100.

Is FOGDev a unique/revolutionary concept?

Fundamentally, no. What we offer for the most part is very much akin to the other services out there, but our prerogative is slightly different. One of the primary reasons why FOGDev came into existence in because it became an all too common sight for an end user to first see an video advert, and often after that, screens showing developer branding, then another showing sponsor branding. Then the co-developer/contributor branding etc. Even after that, the user is often shown adverts after every level, some for fixed periods of time and with no option to skip. What we are offering is relatively subtle; just our preloader (DURING which the game is actually loading). Then straight onto the game, with little else intrusion in between.